’s Review Process

With Merchant Boom you will be able to make educated and informed decisions about your next credit card processing and point-of-sale solution. Merchant Boom offers real honest reviews of the leading payment solutions with both pros and cons for each, to help you make the best choice.

We believe in showing both real user reviews and industry expert reviews, because you need both perspectives to make the best choice. We also provide additional insight from possible inaccurate user’s reviews. Human error can be a factor if a certain solution didn’t work because it wasn’t designed for their business, like a retail store leaving a bad review of a restaurant POS system because it didn’t fit their needs.

Industry expert reviews are incredibly valuable because they frame their review based on who they think would be a good fit for the product. This prevents a user from buying a payment solution not designed for them or their industry. That being said, expert reviewers can sometimes miss the actual user experience since they don’t use it everyday.

With both these factors in mind, we strive to make the reviews as helpful and insightful as possible, and find it best to show you both reviews. This composite rating ends up being a pretty solid way to compare solutions and will help you get what is best for your unique situation.

We take the idea further by condensing all this down to an easily understood and simple review section on each major solution page.

How ratings works: the good, the bad, and the ugly

To make things as clear as possible, we created the good, the bad, and the ugly review section. It’s goal is to highlight the overall high and low points of each major solution and display them in an easy to understand and direct fashion.

We also display a tiered rating system that is a weighted rating considering both user ratings and industry expert ratings to give us a composite score that’s more informative and accurate.

The Good

MerchantBoom - The Good


Boomer is our mascot. He’s a friendly little bomb dedicated to helping Merchants find the right solution for their business.

When reviewing an option. Boomer represents all the positive or “good” parts of a product or service.

The Bad & The Ugly

MerchantBoom - The Ugly


Explode is angry and cousin. He enjoys causing mischief and problems for merchants.

When reviewing a product or service, Explode represents all the negatives or “the bad and ugly” parts of a payment solution.

How we are different

Most merchant account providers and POS equipment companies say what they are selling is “only the best.” Now, we’re not sure what their basis of comparison is, but more often than not they’re lying. Usually this is because they are restricted to only selling an approved brand that their company is in a reseller agreement that prevents them from offering multiple solutions.

We can do things differently because we have very well negotiated reseller agreements with all the major processing and equipment distributors (many of which go back over a decade). We have the unique ability to sell pretty much any solution that has a reseller channel.

This gives Merchant Boom a unique ability to sell everything, offer competitive pricing, and be completely transparent with all the stuff the other guys hide.

We feel you should be empowered to make a good decision for your unique situation. We will not push you into a solution just because it is the only thing we offer, we will help you find the right solution for you and give you a fair and honest deal.

Take a look at our review process in practice on any of the many product pages, just look for the section titled The good the bad and the ugly.