Restaurant Manager Duet

Customize Your Menu

Simple, user-friendly and readily customizable user interface. Daily or seasonal specials and their availability for order are easily added.   Display discounts on certain products.  Even choose when to display certain items on your tablet/clout solutions throughout the day.

Access Real-Time Mobile Reports Anytime, Anywhere

Know how profitable your restaurant is at all times. Mobile reports and alerts provide real-time-visibility and peace of mind into your day-to-day restaurant operations, no matter where you’re located, on site, off site, or even on vacation.

Why Choose Duet POS?

  • Subscription-based POS solution: Gives you top-of-the-line technology at an affordable price
  • Minimal equipment requirements: Runs off tablets or and an in-house server—it’s up to you
  • Reliable cloud technology: Cloud storage eliminates need for a local server. No internet? No problem. Install a server on site
  • A greener choice: Can eliminate paper waste with digital order display and emailed receipts
  • Top-level security protection: Designed to protect your business — and your customers