About Merchant Boom

Long ago, in the ancient time of 2007, our owners dove head first into the payment industry and forever changed their future.

It didn’t take long for the initial glow to fade, and the owners soon discovered how awful and boring the payment industry was.

All the ways a processing company could rip a small business owner off was eye opening. In truth, the payment industry is similar to the stereotypical car salesman trope. You know you’re going to be screwed if you interact with it, but you need a car to live.

The situations for business owners is similar. There are hundreds of payment solution options out there for businesses, but there’s a lot of jargon and misleading information out there to keep you as a consumer in the dark about what you’re buying.

On top of all the charlatans, the payment industry produces, IT’S SO BORING! Reading about credit card processing and online payment gateway is similar to listening to the teacher in Charlie Brown and makes you want to smash your head on a desk and pray for the sweet oblivion that comes from knocking yourself out.

Unsatisfied with working directly for unsavory big processing companies, and tired of the mind numbing content, the owners decided to light the fuse, and shake up the payment industry.

From these humble roots, Merchant Boom was created.

Pulling Back the Curtain on the Payment Industry

Now, unlike most people who would probably have gone insane from this journey and sworn off the industry all together as an irredeemable dumpster fire, we took a different approach.

They say to beat your opponent, you have to study them. And study them we have. From trying every type of payment solution to deciphering incoherent processing contracts, to nearly falling asleep reading the help guides for credit card machine hardware, we’ve seen it all.

And now we present all our worldly knowledge to you! We are committed to providing the best payment processing and merchant services you could ever need. Our prices are not going to be beat, and our quality of service is unprecedented in an industry that only provides 1-800 numbers.

But you don’t have to take just our word for it. We also provide you with reviews on credit card equipment and payments integration options. You can review every payment product on the market in one convenient website.

Unlike other payment processing review sites, we are a firm believer in simplicity. Keep our reviews nice and simple, to remove the convoluted language used by the payment industry.

No matter your business type, you will find a payment solution for your business with Merchant Boom.